Your home or business is a significant investment & your landscaping can make or break its first impression.

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We at Plus Lawn Service Inc. can help you create a stunning yard with a lush green lawn. If you...

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High-quality, well-maintained landscaping adds instant visual appeal and interest, not to...

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Tree trimming and regular pruning helps your landscape thrive by staying on top of tree care concerns...

Regularly scheduled tree trimming benefits your trees by maintaining their health. Call us (954) 270-0177.

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Your home or business is a significant investment and your landscaping can make or break its first impression when people view your property. Plants are lovely elements to include in the landscape, but thoughtful placement and maintenance of them are key.

Planning your landscaping design and how to maintain it is an important decision. It really impacts an important investment like your home or business.

We have been serving Deerfield Beach, FL and the surrounding areas for many years and have a large portfolio of landscaping projects to inspire you.

If the burden of keeping up with weeds and lawn mowing is too much for your busy lifestyle, contact our team at Plus Lawn Service Inc. We’d will gladly tailor our services to your needs.

Creating beautiful landscaping is our passion and inspiration. Our full-service, professional landscaping company offers landscape maintenance, landscape design, tree trimming services, and routine lawn care, among other things.

Plus Lawn Service Inc. is well-qualified and dedicated to enhancing your outdoor spaces and adding vivid color to your garden all year long. Healthy and well-groomed planting beds in front of homes and businesses makes them seem more welcoming. A patio or yard that is adorned with carefully selected flowers and well-maintained trees and shrubs becomes an inviting oasis from the busy pace of our modern lives.

Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction and you will not find a more dedicated team of landscaping professionals than those at Plus Lawn Service Inc. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation today!